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Financial Planning Pretoria


Bizmodels offers entrepreneurs and business owners unique, professional financial planning models, the Sage VIP HR & Payroll solution, our skills exchange portal where individuals can register their qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience and where entrepreneurs and employers can search for those skills they need. Our Labour Smart relationship offers the entrepreneur Labour in a Box as a comprehensive toolkit that will form a solid foundation for the managing of ER and IR in any business. It is a collection of documents and templates to guide you through all the necessary requirements and processes required by labour law.

Bizmodels, in association with Digital Interactive also offers professional website design services and business application development. Ever wished you could just manage your systems from your mobile? With the Android market as strong as it is, there has never been a better time for any entrepreneur to consider getting an app to manage your information system. Through Netexchange, we now offer android app development to our clients.

Our financial planning models are designed in Ms Excel and are the ideal solutions for entrepreneurs with little or no financial expertise and limited computer skills. All models only require as input those variables that may have an influence on the entrepreneur’s business. All calculations are done in real-time and professional cash flows, cash flow summaries, projected income statements and balance sheets are generated. By adjusting the variables, accurate "what-if" scenarios are generated which make your business planning an exciting experience.

Business planning has never been this easy.


Our panel of analysts are able to assist you in setting up a business Profile, Business Plan or can even assist you in streamlining you current business - maximising profits and allowing you to plan for the future of your business.


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Terms of Use

  1. Bizmodels is a private entity and operates from South Africa. Our Business Models are written in Microsoft Excel and we have endeavoured to ensure that all formulas and necessary business logic is set up correctly. Should you find that you need more amendments and or changes to the spreadsheets, you can contact us on We can amend any model to suit your business needs better, albeit, we will quote accordingly and on acceptance proceed with the alterations. The models are written in a very generic manner to accommodate most of the users’ needs. In the event that your models do have a problem in that the formulas are not working correctly, we will fix the error free of charge. Please contact us via the email address above and or send us a mail via the enquiry form on the website.
  2. BizModels writes business models in order for general SME and private individuals to plan their businesses more effectively. We do not accept any liability which might arise from the use of our business models and no payments made, will be re-reimbursed should you not be happy with the product. We will however help and or assist you to understand the way the product/model is set up in order for you to use it.
  3. Management can alter, add, edit and delete products at their own discretion as and when required. We constantly refine some products and replace older versions with the newer versions. This is done as and when needed.
  4. All data and information collected on the website is for our own use and will be kept safe in order to assist our clients in fully utilising the system and products on offer. We may from time to time also send out mails to the subscribed members to market newly added or refurbished products and keep them abreast from the latest happenings.
  5. All payment processes are made at the user's own risk for the purchase of the products as indicated on the website. We work through a 3rd party payment gateway namely PayFast and Stratcol and any issues with regards to payment can be addressed with them directly. We however do ensure that all the necessary required safety barriers are put in place from our side to ensure that all transactional information up to the point of progressing to the third party payment facilities are secured. Any and all payments are made and transacted with PayFast and Stratcol where after Bizmodels gets paid from these facilities. All correspondence in this regard can also be raised by mail to be sent to
  6. Users purchase products to use on their own machine/device. We restrict the licence of usage as follows:
    • A user pays to use the models on his or her machine/device only and is registered to that specific user
    • Duplication are not allowed, although a single user may use the business models purchased on one or more of their own machines / devices.
    • No reselling is allowed in any form whatsoever.
    • In the event that it transpires that a single user duplicated their business model/s for others to be used without the prior purchasing of more licences/products, a levy will be charged to the value of R 100,000.00 per model item duplicated. This will be enforced by means of normal legal route to which the transgressor will be liable for all legal costs incurred.
  7. By accepting the terms of use, you hereby indemnify Bizmodels of any liabilities which might arise as a result of purchase, use and or maintenance to products.
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